Gullivers Travels

Familia de la Noche's latest show -   a magical voyage of exploration and adventure. Hurtling from the tiny towers of Liliput to the looming giants of Brobdingnag this whirlwind tale takes you to corners of the earth you never knew existed. Meet talking horses, mad scientists, necromancers and decrepit immortals with the secret to eternal life. 

A grieving Elizabeth Gulliver is faced with clearing out her estranged father’s possessions. Finding herself in an unfamiliar room she is struck by reminders of her jewel-bright childhood, the remarkable stories and extraordinary adventures. She is also struck by the time it all changed. 

Set against the backdrop of the Belle Époque and the descent into the First World War Gulliver’s Travels bring him face to face with struggles for power, enslavement, the limit of human understanding, and ultimately to Utopia. But what happens if paradise is taken away? And could it ever have been real in the first place?


The show premiered at Wiltons Music Hall - 27th July 2016 and went on to great success at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival - Pleasance Courtyard, Upstairs 3 - 29 Aug 2016

"Gulliver’s Travels’ is enchanting, colourful and silly – perfect for children... and adults who still believe in magic and mystery."
Three Weeks ****

"Gulliver’s Travels is a fun, silly and bittersweet retelling of Swift’s classic. The performances are a joy"
Broadway Baby ****

Three Weeks ****

Wonderful review of Gulliver's Travels in Three Weeks

Familia De La Noche have returned to the Fringe with a surprisingly family friendly production, full of humour and delightful details. Puppets become tiny Lilliputians, actors become giants, whole worlds are created in seconds. The story takes place shortly after eccentric traveller Lemuel Gulliver’s death. His daughter is ready to throw out his belongings but, in a series of flashbacks, Gulliver’s assistant shows her the value of each one. It’s a play about adventures, about memories and how we keep those alive: sometimes logic and proof need to be replaced with awe and wonder. ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ is enchanting, colourful and silly – perfect for children who like jokes about bogies, and adults who still believe in magic and mystery. 

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