Familia De La Noche



 Beadledom is Familia de la Noches newest project, creating two, one hour pieces, featuring a duo of our favourite performers Dott Cotton and Edward Cartwright.


Set in Beadledom, an infinite office block and the headquarters of the Universe, Familia have created a pair of shows - alpha and omega - that explore what makes humans tick. what makes the difference between a brilliant flash of life and a dull flicker?

The Beadledoms are twins, but they are not identical. They are designed to be viewed individually but also jigsaw together to make a giant, glorious, messy, sad, happy, beautiful story- A bit like life we guess.


 Here's what some of our audience have been saying during our month up north:

"Wow, that was beautiful",
"beautiful & bizarre",
"Like a live action Disney Pixar short"

We have also got some smashing reviews including 4****'s from one4review

Take a peak at each show below...

 Beadledom: Omega

Beadledom, HQ of the universe. In her disorderly beige office, Deborah, an administrator on Ω-shift, slogs away, removing life from the cosmos. But Deborah is fascinated by life. She dreams about making one. Maybe today is the day.


Beadledom: Alpha

Beadledom, HQ of the universe. In his orderly beige office, Max, an administrator on α-Shift toils away, populating the cosmos with life. Until a catastrophic system malfunction leaves Max in charge of the biggest reset of all time.

View out promo video from our crowd funder page.