Beadledom is Familia de la Noches newest project, creating two, one hour pieces, featuring a duo of our favourite performers Dott Cotton and Edward Cartwright.

Set in Beadledom, an infinite office block and the headquarters of the Universe, Familia have created a pair of shows - alpha and omega - that explore what makes humans tick. what makes the difference between a brilliant flash of life and a dull flicker?

The Beadledoms are twins, but they are not identical. They are designed to be viewed individually but also jigsaw together to make a giant, glorious, messy, sad, happy, beautiful story- A bit like life we guess.

Premiering as part of the Underbelly programme at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017. Preview details coming soon.


 Here's what some of our audience have been saying during our month up north:


"Wow, that was beautiful",
"beautiful & bizarre",
"like a live action Disney Pixar short"

We have also got some smashing reviews including 4****'s from one4review


Thanks to everyone who has come to see the shows so far. The Beadledoms are haveing a well deserved lie down. We've had lots of interest from international festivals and we're aiming to tour nationally and internationally in Autumn 2018 / Spring 2019. 

take a peak at each show below...

 Beadledom: Omega

Beadledom, HQ of the universe. In her disorderly beige office, Deborah, an administrator on Ω-shift, slogs away, removing life from the cosmos. But Deborah is fascinated by life. She dreams about making one. Maybe today is the day.

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beadledom: alpha

Beadledom, HQ of the universe. In his orderly beige office, Max, an administrator on α-Shift toils away, populating the cosmos with life. Until a catastrophic system malfunction leaves Max in charge of the biggest reset of all time.

View out promo video from our crowd funder page.